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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, in Unigine 2.9 the clouds seem to be removed, when the max visibility range for the haze/fog effect gets relatively low (due to the camera far plane decreasing as well?). Because of that, the sun appears more bright at low visibility, even though the cloud density might be set to the maximum. It essentially ignores the cloud settings entirely at low visibility. Even when setting the texture intensity of the sun to 0, a spot bright spot in the sky remains at where the sun should be. I tried to look into the environment.frag shader and played with the mie LUTs (
  2. Hi, I am experimenting with using a cubemap as a sky environment but I am having difficulties. The tools I use export the cubemap in a certain orientation which appears to be different to how Unigine expects the cubemap. I have attached an image showing where the horizonal cross elements of the cubemap go in the DDS file. However Unigine does not appear to conform to this, from what I can see. I think that the "+Y" (top side of cube) in Unigine is read from the "+Z" centre slot. Is this a bug in Unigine or in my tools? And is there a tool that writes DDS cubemaps in the format that Un
  3. [SOLVED] Sun with custom sky background

    I'm wondering is there a way to display custom background and a sun at the same time? My experiments shows that sun is disabled when 'Background' state is enabled for sky material.
  4. I would like to see a better looking 2D cloud system similar to this one. I believe that the clouds in this video are generated from interpolating between 2 cube maps. These cubemaps can be created using Terragen, or using Terragen presets. Would anyone else benefit from epic looking skys?