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Found 20 results

  1. Export plugin 3ds max 2018

    Hello, We need plugin for 3ds max 2018 (UnigineMesh.dle AND UniginePath.dle) Where we can found this plugin please ? Thanks Benjamin
  2. Add-Ons & Plugins Library

    Hi, Using the Community license (v2.12) there are 4 Add-Ons and no plugins. Is there some place where we can get more Add-Ons or plugins. And kinda related is it possible to create your one Add-Ons? Thanks
  3. About a SSLSocket pluging

    Hello Unigine ... I have 3 problems using SSLSocket Using Unigine script creating a client it don't pass the Handshake with a RSS Feed server The plugin sample ssl_socket_01.cpp, is using tls 1.0 or 1.1 that are deprecable, I try to load my own private key and don't load. How I can use this plugin from C++ if I don't found the interface?. Expanding the questions.... Problem 1 I trying to create a single client and down some RSS feed sample. This client connect but fail on the handshacke. int init() { #ifdef HAS_SSL_SOCKET log.message("ssl s
  4. I create a plugin where I want to include a new 3d object. For my 3dObject I inherited from ObjectExternBase class My3dObject: public Unigine::ObjectExternBase { public: template <class> friend class Unigine::Ptr; static void release_ptr(My3dObject *p); { delete p; } static Unigine::Ptr<My3dObject> create(); { Unigine::Ptr<My3dObject> ptr = Unigine::Ptr<My3dObject>(new My3dObject()); return ptr; } virtual int getClassID() override; virtual int getNumSurfaces() override; virtual const char *getSurfaceName(int surface) override; virtual const ::Un
  5. [SOLVED] Where I can found axTLS.lib

    I try to compile the "\sdks\evaluation_sim_windows_2.9.0.2\source\plugins\Network\SSLSocket\sslsocket_vs2015.vcxproj" but is missing the axTLS.lib Where I can found this /Roberto
  6. [SOLVED] SSLSocket, where is?

    On your documentation Where can be, I search all the SDK and on the folder that the documentation talk ...\sdks\evaluation_entertainment_windows_2.8.0.1\data\samples\plugins and I can't found this.
  7. Random crashes

    Hi @demostenes, I've reproduced this. However, it wasn't that often as you mentioned, but quite stable. I also observed that you're running main_sdl.exe instead of regular main.exe. Is this on purpose? We'll investigate the reasons for the crash and will try to fix it in the next update. Thanks.
  8. Editor 2 Plugins support

    Hi, Is the plugin system supported in Editor 2? Some of these plugins are very useful for us, and looks like they can only be used in old Editor. Regards.
  9. Hi, I was wondering if there is/will be a .Mesh export plugin for 3dsMax 2017. The current one for 3dsMax 2016 does not work in the 2017 version. thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, We are focus on Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI). We download host emulator from Internet, and could run Unigine's CigiClient demo to connect to host emulator. But when I read Chapter "CIGICLIENT PLUGIN" in Unigine manual, I can't find where to download "Washington Demo". Could you tell me where to download it? Thank you!
  11. Hi, I am a bit unclear about how to access custom plugins in a C# project. When I was using UnigineScript I brought in my network code as a custom C++ plugin derived from Unigine::Plugin, exported as dll and loaded through extern_plugin. Can you explain the flow now that I'm rewriting the project in C#? Can I use the same dll? Unigine document shows the Plugin class as written alongside the C# main() and being called directly from the code. So a dll is not needed? I'm hoping for a quick reply, thanks.
  12. [SOLVED] Issue creating a plugin

    I'm currently working on creating a plugin for the Unigine Editor. I've created a custom class with two constructors as so class MyClass { public: Tile(char* apName); Tile(const std::string& aName); }; in the class that inherits from Unigine::Plugin I have class UnigineToolPlugin : public Unigine::Plugin { int init() { Unigine::ExternClass<MyClass> *mc = Unigine::MakeExternClass<MyClass>(); mc->addConstructor<char*>(); Unigine::Interpreter::addExternClass("MyClass", mc); return 1; } }; In the script I have in
  13. Hello everyone. I obtained a SpeedTree plugin for Unigine a few days ago, however, I am having a few issues with loading it. Unfortunately the plugin didn't come with any type of documentation explaining how to install it. It did however, contain a few files which were copied to their respective directories. After copying the files, I then used the 'Import Plugin for Collada' as guideline. Unfortunately, when I run the editor and open 'Tools' - 'Plugins' - 'Core' I get an error message stating 'SpeedTree plugin library is not loaded' If you guys have any suggestions it would be m
  14. hi: I use video_grabber for video recording from the tracker. everyting works fine except the camera rotation Z. which is annoying. here is how to reproduce. 1:open any scene, create a dummy camera 2:open the tracker and create a rotation keyframes on both x,y,z 3:create a game.player.node track and select the cam. so the system know which cam to use. 4:now open video_grabber plugin and load the tracker file. 5:start capture by click GRAB button. Result:rotation x,y is fine, but the Z axis is missing. anyone could give suggestion how to record not using the grabber
  15. I have C++ code which is dynamically creating meshes with 1000s of vertices. I have created a plugin which will output these meshes to the engine. I would like to be able to render these without creating ObjectMeshs and adding each vertex individually. Is this possible?
  16. Обновление 2013-02-11. Проблема с новым плагином для 3ds Max 2011. Изменен формат имен поверхностей меша. Был изменен плагин к максу, но изменения не указаны в анонсе, что для нас вылилось в неприятный сюрприз. Изменен формат экспорта мешей, а именно, алгоритм генерации имен поверхностей меша. Теперь в имя поверхности добавляется имя мульти-материала: было "имя меша" + "_" + "имя дочернего материала в мульти-материале" стало "имя меша" + "_" + "имя мульти-материала" + "_" + "имя дочернего материала в мульти-материале" У нас возникла проблема с экспортом новым плагином, так как в нашем про
  17. Is it possible to export enum types from C++ to UnigineScript. I couldn't find anything about this in the documentation. For example, if I want use a set of functions like the following in UnigineScript: enum State { STATE_0, ... STATE_i } void setState(State state); State getState();
  18. Hello Everyone! Is there anyone who can help me how to import osc functionality into a world? I am trying to make a plugin library based on the Dynamically Loading Library as Plugin example found in the Evaluation kit. I am loading oscdll.dll library with explicit linking in the oscplugin.cpp and trying to compile the oscplugin.cpp (scons) as plugin library but I am getting many errors like the following: C:\Unigine Evaluation Kit\data\core\Unigine.h(136) : error C2065: 'engine' : undeclared identifier C:\Unigine Evaluation Kit\data\core\Unigine.h(35) : error C2058: constant expression is
  19. Hi, I've managed to make a plugin that is loaded successfully by the game. Right now, I'm trying to call a function in the world script via the plugin. I can't figure out how to make the sample in the documentation work. I tried inserting the provided code into my plugin script, but it does not seem to load correctly. I suppose it's because main(int argc,char **argv) is not called. I would have attempted to call aforementioned function in the definition of my plugin init but I do not know what parameters to provide. Any help on the matter would be appreciated.
  20. I'd like to create new sets of widget(i.e. WidgetInventory) via a plugin. Is it possible? If yes, how exactly can it be done? To make things clear, an Inventory Widget consists of let's say, 3 buttons, 1 listbox and a sprite. WidgetButton WidgetListBox WidgetSprite There, I need those Widgets to use inside the DLL Project using C++ via the C++ API and produce a plugin. In other words, I want to make a new WidgetInventory by using the default Widgets like WidgetButton in the form of a plugin.