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  1. Disabling Editor Cache

    Both a coworker and myself observed that after some time of debugging, our editor specific UnigineScripts would not recomplile or 'refresh' in the engine. We determined it was due to the respective editor_cache and world_cache files. Deleting these solves our immediate problem but can we disable these so that we can more effectively debug our editor scripts?
  2. [SOLVED] auto play stop working

    Hi Auto play as stopped working on Windows, You always have to press the green editor "Play" button! Why is this?
  3. With latest Unigine version (2013-03-26) Reproduction Steps Create a Dummy node in editor Assign node_base property to the node. Disable Intersection parameter for that node property. Press Ok. Put focus on Property edit widget again and press enter. Open Assigned property editor, the property parameters are set to their original values (Intersection is checked again) ​If you don't change the property, there is no point to make a property reassignation removing all the custom parameter values for that node. Suggested solution In editor_nodes.h (ln 845) /* */
  4. With latest Unigine version (2013-03-26) Reproduction Steps Open sample gui_06. Select an ObjectGui and try to move it using the handler. In my case, it doesn't move the object but the player. I have made the same test with UnigineSDK 2012-12-29 and it works perfectly. Regards, Iván.
  5. [SOLVED] PlayerActor & editor

    To move objects using PlayerActor, when I add it to the editor in an errors. PlayerActor actor = new PlayerActor(); add_editor(actor);
  6. Interface elements outside the editor window. Like in demos. Actually - how? Where and what to do? I will specify. Editor opened in window mode. I have interface windows in the scene. They can be dragged by mouse. In demos you can pull them out of the window editor. I only they drag in the window. Why? Интерфейсные элементы за пределами окна редактора. Как в демках. Собственно - как? Что и где нужно прописать? Уточню. Открыт редактор в оконном режиме. В сцене есть интерфейсные окошки которые можно таскать мышкой за заголовок. В демках их можно вытащить за пределы окна ре
  7. When we start empty editor without world, all node-creating buttons are disabled except of path objects. so, you can click it & get some red text in the console :)
  8. Editor Nodes

    May we have a section that contains a list of node types that may be added to the editor? When I first got my hand on Unigine a few months ago, I tried adding a PlayerPersecutor class to the editor, which is of course, not possible, leading to an application crash. My workaround back then was to add a NodeDummy whose position and rotation is set from the PlayerPersecutor instance since I only needed to see if the camera goes where I want it to. I'm in the process of upgrading my Unigine copy which now allows a PlayerPersecutor instance to be added to the editor. Thanks.
  9. This adds the ability to interactively scale and rotate objects around their local z axis while using the placement tools. New type of clone added using the functionality (use CTRL + SHIFT + C to activate) Placement (CTRL + X) also works with this tool. Further documentation is included in the archive. Patch is in git format