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Found 16 results

  1. Unigine closes when loading DEMO. any DEMO project that you try to open to edit the Program closes. in any version of the program, I currently use the latest version. 2020 Please what could be the problem as I reinstalled, I changed the installed unit and saved the project and nothing has changed.
  2. Hi all, I've encountered a crash when parenting a WorldCluster to a terrain/plane. When I press generate the cluster would hang on generating. The following error message is displayed in the console: Variable::getIntSafe(): can't convert extern class to int This is the structure of the nodes: The crash occurs in version 2.5
  3. Random crashes

    Hi @demostenes, I've reproduced this. However, it wasn't that often as you mentioned, but quite stable. I also observed that you're running main_sdl.exe instead of regular main.exe. Is this on purpose? We'll investigate the reasons for the crash and will try to fix it in the next update. Thanks.
  4. Original post: Actually, i just noticed that adding ANY object to the world instantly crashes the editor, even creating primitives. It's funny, i made a project previously where there was no problem adding objects, but now nothing works anymore. EDIT: Reinstalled SDK and restarted computer. Deleted old project and created a new one inside Documents\UNIGINE Projects\. Loaded the default created world file with the material ball. Still crashes whenever i try to create anything. The last listed event in the editor log is loading the scene.
  5. Remove physics shape crashes Editor2

    Hi, In my case I cannot delete Physic shape from Rigid body. It's crashes Editor2 e.g.: I cannot replicate this problem at new scene. But it stays for me even without any implemented code or script. It's happens even for a new world. So it may be related with my updating project for new version of SDK.
  6. Hi, I observed that in some cases changing a param for properties inherited from node_base crash Editor2. This happens if you have multi-level inherited properties like this: To crash editor I do following: 1. Edit global param value in Properties panel (not instance at Node level), 2. Save world, 3. Reload world by world_reload cause freeze of Editor2 (crash it). But it will works if you first reload world: 1. Reload world by world_reload, 2. Edit global param value in Properties panel (not instance at Node level), 3. Save w
  7. Hi, Test scene looks like (all nodes): I observed that when I make error in UnigineScript file eg. like that: int init() { Node node = notDeclaredFunction(name); } test.cpp (guid://dd963586682183e918186d544de6871dc2fc17e8):13: Interpreter::parse_expression(): unknown token "notDeclaredFunction" in "notDeclaredFunction( name)" expression World::loadWorld(): can't load "test.cpp (guid://dd963586682183e918186d544de6871dc2fc17e8)" world script which stops loading a world so my scene become black: it's clone my player (PlayerPersecutor nodes) in Scene (1) each time
  8. Hi ! I've just tried the new feature of Qt 5.10 witch is webgl streaming the Qt app to a browser without touching the code (just pass "-platform webgl" flag to the executable). For this I've tried to compile the Unigine's App/Qml sample with Qt5.10 to test it but (as expected) doesn't work. I have no idea if the problem comes from Unigine, from the integration or from Qt itself but I think this feature can be very interesting to have. I post here the steps to reproduce the crash if it can help : - Removed qt folder and qt.conf - Copy to the App/Qml fo
  9. Hi, I observed that Editor2 crashes when I get runtime error e.g. make some operation at not existing object. I know that I should protect it in the code. But it is possible to just display error in console of Editor 2 instead crash entire Editor 2 ? Thank You
  10. Hi, I observed that Editor2 crashes from time to time when I modify fbx file stored in asset directory. Step to reproduce: 1. Save fbx file somewhere in asset directory. It should be automatically loaded into Editor2 (you will see it in logs - if no, then you should activate windows with Editor2 by clicking somewhere in it or you can just import it). 2. Make changes to fbx file by external application (I do some changes with skeleton, bones and skin) and save this file (it should be the same file as in point 1). 3. Give focus for Editor 2 by clicking somewhere in it. I
  11. Hi, I observed that Editor 2 crashes after deleting reference to mesh (not existing, deleted mesh file - as a workaround to reimport it) from NodeReference (opened to edit): (fortunately change it is working correctly, Editor crashes only when I try to delete a reference).
  12. Editor crash issue

    Hi! Unigine editor crash when loading the world. The message is shown below. Assertion failed: num >= 0 && num < states.size() && "Material::check_state_conditions(): bad state number", file engine\render\Material.cpp, line 3223 Thanks!
  13. 2.3.1 or 2.3: 1:create a expression node 2:paste to expression { float x=1.0f; float y=2.0f; } 3:clone this node by shift + mouse move 4:change the cloned expression node x value to 0.5f; 5: crash
  14. [SOLVED] Crash in nvwgf2umx.dll

    Hi, something odd today... I started up my app and it now crashes in nvwgf2umx.dll, which is part of the NVidia drivers. No code changed. I tried rebooting my computer. I tried installing the latest driver. I tried reverting to previous versions of my code that I know worked previously. So far nothing has worked. Have you seen this type of problem before or have any suggestions? I see lots of chatter online about this same type of crash but so far none of their suggestions have worked. Demos in the sdk browser work ok for me. It crashes in my very first call to enginePtr->update
  15. The unigine (2.2.1 linux Sim src) editor and projects always crash on startup. This happens both when launching them from command line and from the SDK Browser, both for existing and newly created empty projects. I have tested on two different machines with different linux distributions (OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 and CentOS 7), it happens on both. Both of them have working NVidia drivers installed. The problem also occurs with the Valley Benchmark demo too. I send attached the console output generated when running from command line, there is not much to work on in there, just a "Received
  16. Here you will find a few simple tips on how to make your bug report better. The more full information you provide, the faster we find the issue and fix it! How to report a bug 1. Search the forum for the issue you encountered. If there is a topic with the same bug and you can add any helpful details (for example, as to environment in which it occurs or hardware configuration), post a message in it. If there are no topics on our forum that mention the issue you've encountered, create a new topic. 2. Always report one problem in each topic. This way, it's easier to keep trac