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Found 2 results

  1. AddNode resets camera

    I'm performing a simple mouse intersection test to create a new dummy node and whenever I do, my editor cam is reset somewhere back to 0,0,0. Any idea why this is? int ret[1]; vec3 p0, p1; Unigine::getPlayerMouseDirection(p0,p1); Object obj = engine.world.getIntersection(p0, p1, ~0, ret); NodeDummy pt = new NodeDummy(); pt.setName("TESTNODE"); pt.setWorldPosition(ret[0]); engine.editor.addNode(pt); Philip
  2. Editor Nodes

    May we have a section that contains a list of node types that may be added to the editor? When I first got my hand on Unigine a few months ago, I tried adding a PlayerPersecutor class to the editor, which is of course, not possible, leading to an application crash. My workaround back then was to add a NodeDummy whose position and rotation is set from the PlayerPersecutor instance since I only needed to see if the camera goes where I want it to. I'm in the process of upgrading my Unigine copy which now allows a PlayerPersecutor instance to be added to the editor. Thanks.
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