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Found 5 results

  1. UNAIT – Unified AI Tool After my old post about a naïve and straightforward implementation of dynamic navigation meshes I got a lot of feedback and interest about such a plugin for UNIGINE. So, I decided to recreate my implementation from scratch and updated support for the recent UNIGINE engine versions (2.10+). On top of that I decided to develop a more complete package of various AI tools that are pretty common in the industry. Therefor I want to give you a detailed inside about my AI plugin – UNAIT which will be out at the beginning of next year! Main features
  2. I think about moving our project to Unigine but there is something i am worried about. From what i understand making NPC's respect eachothers routs and each others collisions is immpossible? But that isnt even that big of a problem for and RTS. What worries me is placing new buildings on the map. Do i have to recalculate the whole navmesh every time i place anything in the world and how expensive might it be for a game? Maby it will limit the map size? is there any other way of doing it?
  3. NavigationSector unexpected behaviour

    Hi, We are making a navigation structure for a building with NavigationSectors but when we get the path, some results are not as expected. In some cases, the path calculated is obviously longer than other paths available and we can't figure out what is happening or if we are making a mistake. We have set same mask to all NavigationSectors, same Quality, Velocity and Dangeours. We also made sure that all sectors are connected properly and wrote an expresion that draws the path given and its total length. We have made an isolated project with just the navigation, the expresion t
  4. Hi, Is there any condition under which the points for a 2D PathRoute are generated outside its navigation mesh volume? Please refer the attached pics. As can be seen, the route is being created below the tree's PathObstacle, rather than around it, making the point not reachable for AI. This is something that I'm observing for the first time. I had an understanding that route points are always generated on the nav mesh's bottom surface level (with added offset). In this case, nav mesh z = -0.5, height = 10, route offset = +0.5 ( making sure the tree's obstacle touches the navmesh bottom
  5. Hi all, Ungine docs warns about the impossibility to use two navigation meshes to compute a route. I tried to compute a path intersecting a NavigationMesh with a NavigationSector and it isn't possible either. I don't know if it's my fault or it's an engine limitation. What I want to achieve is to have a building with several floors, where the rooms and the corridors are identified and can have declared fire incidences. The desired solution would be to define a navigation mesh for each room or corridor connected by navigation sectors to be able to use the navigation area danger factor to