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Which is the ideal VR device for UNIGINE?


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Hi werner,

maybe a few "notes" on our experiences with VR and UNIGINE. We have used an Oculus Rift, Valve Index and an HTC Vive pro. The most satisfying product was a Valve Index and we stick with that for further projects. Also Oculus Rift gave us a nice experience and worked pretty well (also performance wise) during the last years. The HTC Vive Pro is "okayish", but we had problems in the past with some standard key mapping. In an older project (2.13 I thought) the HTC Vive doesn't seem to match with the OpenVR button template so we had to re-align some code, which was a trouble when we supported multiple headsets.

Also, performance with Valve Index and Oculus Rift was quite nice on both. We had projects with an terrain, global water and/or clouds without any issues. While you need to make some tweaks on your objects for higher FPS, we won't had so much issues in our content pipeline when testing it with PC. So praise UNIGINE for that I think :). Of course you need some trial/error or testing to get a nice VR experience regarding user experience (UI interaction can be tricky!!), but prototyping was really easy on both devices.

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Hi Christian. Thanks for this. That helps a lot as you have actually compared and tested already.

Yes, we want to have the set for prototyping and testing various environments, rather for a VR project so its important for us, that the device works out of the box.




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