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360 degree Spherical - half dome - camera and projections


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At the moment i do not have any specific parameters and I am not too deep into that topic, so apologise my more general questioning.

I want to understand, which possibilities Unigine offers to render a scene to a 360 degrees horizontal and perfect half dome (180 degrees) camera and then to project it in specific ways onto a 2D image which then can be sent out.

There will be needs of massive resolution (20kx20k).

I am wondering how to achive that, what hardware/software setup would be needed etc. , what the limits are aso.

So some general ideas to that topic would be great.


This might be a point to start, isnt it?



I might go into more detail later.



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5 minutes ago, silent said:

But you can save a lot of time and nerves with AppEasyBlend in combination with Scalable Display auto-warping and edge blending solution.

What are all those terms? oO





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Okay. But the spherical camera and the reprojection onto 2d would be done in Unigine with the app easy blend?

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Oh, for some reason I missed that part that you need to output on a single screen. In that case AppProjection / AppEasyBlend will not fit.

For simple 2D screen output you can use Panoramic rendering with all of it's limitations (no post effects, no auto exposure and so on): 

If default panoramic modes will not fit you can write your own rendering (using multiple viewports + cubemap rendering). However, I'm not quite sure if it's possible to output anything higher than 16384x16384 texture from the Engine atm. And there will be no realtime performance, rather than offline rendering.

Current technical requirements are quite demanding and probably you will end something like 2x2 screen wall setup where each screen renders part of the panorama via some custom code and all the simulation is being synchronized over the network via Syncker.

How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Okay. We have a very realistic change to show in one of the most modern vanues in the world right now. So I need to undestand if we can deliver the output, whats needed to use these display technology.

As far as I have infos we would need to deliver a panoramic rendered format - to a 2d image - (might be a video file rendered from Unigine). 

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