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[SOLVED] Dynamic Meshes and materials


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I am making a dynamic flag. I created a plane primitive, and then from the plane primitive Create -> Mesh -> Dynamic to create an ObjectMeshDynamic which allows me to apply the "Cloth" body type to it. 


However I can't seem to texture the ObjectMeshDynamic. Materials display as if the UVs are missing, or perhaps something else. What's the right procedure for creating ObjectMeshDynamic that allow for materials to be applied?

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I've made a tiny scene and attach a .ZIP of the "data" directory.

My process was

1) Create->Primitive->Plane  - dimensions 16 x 9 units and 50 subdivisions

2) Create->Mesh->Dynamic - choose Plane primitive from (1) 

3) Apply material to both (1) and (2). 


Result: material works fine on (1) but on (2) it does not work.



Edit: I've upgraded to 2.15.1 (from 2.15) and repeated the process. The process works. I think perhaps it's a bug in 2.15 to do with UVs.



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Ok, thanks, Silent. We'll upgrade the project to 2.15.1. Please mark the issue as solved.

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