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Help with door in VR


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I am trying to make a simple door in VR with the HTC VIVE, I have looked at all the documentation and I have looked at the VR demo called Foxhole.

I'm supposed to have everything right anymore but when it comes to launching it it gives an assertion failed, I have made a debug of the errors and it doesn't have any more I can see.

Can anyone tell me how to make a simple door? :(

Thank you very much.

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for door logic you can take handle component from VRSample



indeed there are crash on start if door without BodyRigid - just change source code

void ObjHandle::init()
	obj = checked_ptr_cast<Object>(node);

	body = node->getObjectBodyRigid();
	if (body) // ad this check


or add BodyRigid with joints on door node

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