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The Thunder tec demo


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hi I've been studying for many years to make my franchise The Thunder and now that I made the character's look I was choosing the engine for the game but I only use linux and in fact I saw the wonder you guys did and I'm starting to study unigine 2 to make it a tec demo to present the character Thunder in an open world for investors because I don't have the budget to produce and hire programmers etc. on linux and I'm already running it on my WhiteHorse I want to release it to steam and windows and I know that in the future it will be possible to port it to other platforms because I have faith that this will become one of the most amazing enginer on the market not only for pc but for consoles in the future but it fell like a feather but my hands and it's been something wonderful to have something of this level for linux so I'll launch the new valve console for steam deck if you want to sponsor ar my game is going to be a dream I still think they won't thank you very much but what the game is about it is the story of a hero a kind of metalgear solid with the ability to get stronger than superman but being a sznake and or batman I will post a picture of the hero and you can see what I did visually on my website www.szpace.com/anime thank you all

the thunder.jpg

Captura de tela de 2022-01-15 00-41-25.png

Captura de tela de 2022-01-14 23-22-53.png

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