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Suggestion: Further elaboration on UNIGINE GUI creation


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Dear Team - UNIGINE; Happy new year !

Based on the title, I've watched all Tutorials on YouTube about Quick Tips.
I worked with Unity & Unreal Engine some years. and with that given knowledge, I could not wrap my head around the overall approach - How UNIGNE created with GUIs.

There are basic GUI Widgets, which I thought are mainly for the Editor only and not the Game (?)
Besides that, there is not UI Editor (But you can use QT, which I don't know how to use neither)

Taking in mind, that I could use 3rd Party Libaries makes it a bit more confusing.
Perhaps there could be a new Video in "Quick Tips" ?

I hope you understand my trouble - Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,

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Hello @PavlovTM!

Thank you and Happy New Year to you too!

On 1/6/2022 at 5:17 AM, PavlovTM said:

There are basic GUI Widgets, which I thought are mainly for the Editor only and not the Game (?)

The built-in GUI system is fine for games and other UNIGINE-based applications, it is pretty customizable. Its most known limitation is that the system is only available via API and there are no visual editing tools provided.

As for UnigineEditor plugins, you would rather need to implement UI using QT, other third-party solutions are also possible (e.g., ImGui).

Take a look at how GUI looks in an example project included in the SDK - the Fox Hole demo utilizing the widgets and a component-based approach:



You can download the demo and learn the ways to implement GUI in your projects from it.

You can find a guide on Creating End UI in our Programming Quick Start series. The GUI system is well covered in the default samples available in the SDK Browser:

  • C++/C# API -> Widgets;
  • UnigineScript -> Interface / Widgets;
  • 3rd party -> Other -> ImGuiSample;
  • Some demos can also be helpful in understanding the use of widgets: C# Third Person Platformer, Fox Hole,¬†Viewer.

The lack of tutorials is due to the fact that the current system is going to be considered deprecated soon since a new implementation is on its way. Please find more details on its development in the latest release notes and here:

We plan to cover the new system fully when it's ready.

Hope this was helpful.

Thank you!

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