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New Material Editor Graph Complication


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Im curious why just setting up a blended material seems to be so complicated in the new material graph. I was hoping that it would follow the lines of say (3ds Max slate editor). A simple node setup for a two material blend in Max shown below in the first image. Am I over-complicating the new editor? It seems like I have to create the two materials completely separately out of the graph window and then combine them as "Reference" nodes into a third material graph? It seems like 5 times the amount of work as I understand it. Second image:



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Indeed, that would be great to have such a feature in shader graph, but unfortunately it's not possible to set the whole material output as input to a different material in real-time rendering. It's, however, a perfectly valid operation for offline renderers.

The second graph looks pretty much the same as it would look in Blender (it uses the same graphs for realtime / offline rendering).


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