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Suggestion: Point filtering option in the editor


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Hello. :)

I have a slightly unusual suggestion: an option for point filtering of textures, in the editor. It would be very useful for game developers who are aiming to make retro style games.


In the Unigine Editor, I couldn't find such an option anywhere. For example, in the settings, I was only able to choose between bilinear and trilinear filtering:


I managed to work around this issue by setting FILTER_POINT for all textures in C#. The end result looked like this:


The textures are pixelated, and that is the desired result. However, it did not affect landscape textures, which still used default filtering. Additionally, this workaround only had an effect in-game, but not in-editor. I am not sure how to work around that.


I propose a "Point" option alongside "Bilinear" and "Trilinear" in the settings, believing it's simple enough to implement. Alternatively, this could be a per-texture parameter, which would allow for bilinear filtering for some textures (e.g. GUI art assets), and point filtering on other textures.


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Hello and welcome! :)

Your request is totally understandable (we have couple of similar requests before as well). Right now we are working on material graph that would allow you to do such a tricks directly per material. Texture filtering option we might also redesign in the future and include point filtering here.

Here's an example of such custom material that you can create in 2.15 release:


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