[SOLVED] C++ API / Nodes / WorldTrigger


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How should I set the path to the red underlined part above? Debugging verifies that it contains a null value.

You are having a hard time creating an object with a script that is not an editor. There are many classes, but all concepts are unfamiliar.

What is the difference between objectMeshStaticPtr and objectMeshDynamicPtr?

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Hi there!

The path to a file is set relative to the project data/ folder - that actually means that you assume that you are inside the data folder of your project (which is created when you create a project in SDK browser). If you want to use the mesh which is outside this folder, you use ../ to go to a directory which is one layer from this data folder and make your way to the folder you need.

The difference between objectMeshStatic and objectMeshDynamic in brief is that Static Mesh cannot be modified in runtime (procedurally), and Dynamic Mesh can be. So if you want to tear or break your object in runtime, it makes sense to make it Mesh Dynamic.

If it's not the case, and you have known that all along, please, also check that you don't debug a release or a development version. This is controlled in Visual Studio.


Otherwise, we need more details to help you with this issue.

Let us know if there's still a problem.

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I understood and wrote it according to the path you told me, but there was an error when the file was terminated.

Instead, I solved it ↓


Thank you !

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