Sandworm generates strange hole in terrain


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Sandworm sometimes generates very strange holes and elevation in the terrain:


The source data is of course correct. If I restrict the terrain generation to this specific area, then the generated terrain is correct. The issue somewhat only appears when a larger terrain is selected.

I uploaded TestLandscape.zip on your ftp so you can have a look (elevation.tif included, no imagery included as you already have it). (zip is huuuuuge and transfer rate is looooow, upload should be finished by wednesday noon)


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Hi Stephane,

I've tried to find any traces of GEO*********_version_FB-_2005_Spotmaps_FB*.tif files (Imagery sources that you specified in the Sandworm tool), but it looks like we doesn't have them.

At this time we will try to reproduce with the different imagery data, maybe we would be able to get the same results.


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FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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I tested without imagery and got the same issue. But without imagery, it's harder to visualize what's going on. Also, I found that when using different format of the elevation file I got different results (sometimes it works fine, sometimes it can break spectacularly), even though all elevation I tried load perfectly with QGIS or GlobalMapper.

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