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UNIGINE Community SDK Baidu download link (China)


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UNIGINE Community Standalone SDK package has been uploaded to Baidu cloud. 

Windows (2.15.1):

Linux (2.15.1):

Previous versions:


Windows (2.15):

Linux (2.15):


Windows (

Linux (


Windows (2.14.1):

Linux (2.14.1):


Windows (

Linux (


Windows (2.12):

Linux (2.12):


You will need to install Baidu app in order to download large archives (6-7 GB). Only Community (free) editions will be uploaded to this file hosting in the future.



How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Can you translate the language? It seems that you can't set other languages. If you can, it will increase a lot of users. I think your software is very good, but I can't speak English.  .  .  .

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14 hours ago, silent said:



Very helpful, some people in China think your software is awesome, some people have started to learn about volume, fluid, physics, but most people don't know English, which makes learning very difficult

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