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Thanks to your valuable feedback provided via all our channels we’ve resolved a number of issues introduced in 2.12. 


  • Removed the Polygon Offset parameter from the material parameters in UnigineEditor UI.


  • Fixed detection of video adapters at startup, so a discrete GPU (if installed) shall always take precedence over an integrated one.

  • Fixed a crash at startup when loading a world containing Decal Particles adjusted using curves (Oil Platfrom demo is affected).

  • Fixed a crash and excessive VRAM memory consumption in applications with a splash screen using a VR Plugin (AppOculus / AppVive). 

  • Fixed an issue with resetting the autosave parameter value to 1 in default.config file and overwriting it each time after closing the application.

  • Fixed the texture pool update for loading and splash screens, which resulted in crashes at startup in Superposition, Oil Refinery, and FoxHole demos.

  • Fixed Visualizer flickering when TAA is enabled.

  • Fixed autosave property of default.config file.

Demos and IG Template

  • Fixed Console warnings related to Screen Space Shadows in the IG Template.

  • Fixed errors related to importing texture for the grass_high.fbx in the Vegetation add-on.

  • Removed references to missing parameters that caused warnings in the Console.

SDK Browser

  • Missing sources for plugins in Sim Source SDK are now available.

Curve Materials Migration

Manual materials migration is required in case if you already created some materials with new curve feature. In attachment you can find upgrade script that you can run and fix your materials.

WARNING: Do not run twice on the same directory!

Usage example:

// Windows
usc_x64 upgrade.usc "C:/My Projects/My Cool Game/data"
// Linux
./usc_x64 upgrade.usc "/home/users/silent/Documents/MyGame/data"

If your project contains additional mount points, please migrate them as regular data directory.

Updated version of documentation is available as 2.12.


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