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Thanks to your valuable feedback provided via all our channels we’ve resolved a number of issues that were not fixed in These are primarily bug fixes, the active feature development for upcoming 2.12 release is going on in other branches.



  • Reduced Editor freezes on editing a Landscape Terrain object with a smoothing brush. Please note that the control key for the smoothing brush has changed, so instead of pressing and holding the Shift key you can now simply hit "V".

  • Fixed an issue with a broken hyperlink used to create a new child material for ULON-based materials (e.g., particles_base, landscape_terrain_detail_base).


  • Fixed issues with detecting collisions with the Landscape Terrain for systems with a CPU having 2 and less cores. Single-threaded mode for physics and pathfinding is no longer available, so the following console commands were removed:  physics_threaded, pathfind_threaded, and engine_threaded.

  • Fixed an issue with receiving click events from a widget having a callback assigned when there are multiple visible Gui objects present in the scene.

  • The render_border console command now preserves modifications made to the projection matrix.

  • Fixed issues with FFP rendering in SOLID mode on OpenGL.

  • Fixed an issue with loading of nested Node References in C# API.

  • Fixed a crash related to NuGet packages in C#.

  • Added a new IsDeleted property for nodes added to the delete queue. The C# Component System shall no longer retrieve components for such nodes.

  • Added null-value checks and the swap() method to the C++ Component System.

SDK Browser

  • Fixed an issue with license activation for a cross-platform product.

Updated version of documentation is available as 2.11.

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