[SOLVED] crash while baking the light enviroment probe


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like the topic says, every time i try to bake a light enviroment probe unigine crash to the desktop ..see screenshots .. in 2.8 and also in 2.9 version with a fresh empty project



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the size is standard size 1m x 1m x 1m

but it doesn t matter i try also bigger sizes from 100m and 200m and also different size of texture 256px or 1024px

maybe it is my notebook .. i have a dell notebook with 2 graphic cards .. 1x nvidia geforce GTX 1050 and onboard Intel HD Graphics 630



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Thanks for the log file!

First of all, I would recommend updating the GPU driver to the latest version (436.30).

If crashes will appear again, you can disable timeout detection and recovery (TDR) via modifying the Windows Registry or with a help of 3rd party tool TDR Manipulator:



Also, you can try is to use Intel GPU for baking, for that you need to launch Editor with -video_adapter 1 command line option.

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