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Xsens Motion Capture Plugin


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Dear Unigine,

we will work with a Motion Capture Suit and system from Xsens.


We have quite good experience with this hardware and results are convinient for us.

As I see, there are possibilities of a direct connection to UE and Unity3D, which offers additional possibility for production.

Is there a change, considering a plugin for connecting this Hardware to Unigine?

Another suggestion re Character animation topic would be the possibility for Retargeting Charcters. Has someone thought about that as well?


Thanks for any reply or ideas



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Hi Werner,

I've checked website briefly and it seems that this software is working just by exporting mocups animation to the FBX files (that you already can import directly to the asset browser). Unique feature is live streaming of animations (I believe it can be easily implemented via C++ plugin).

Right now Evaluation kits from our website are available for everyone automatically, so my guess that if you ask Xsens directly they can create a C++ plugin for you on Evaluation (free) SDK.

About retargeting characters - that's more complex task for sure. We do recommend to use 3rd party tools for that (not try to do it in Editor), for example MotionBuilder. You need just to keep the bones names the same across different models.

If you have specific issues already - let's see what else we can suggest here :)


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Hey Silent,

thanks for your answer.

Thats interesting and I will try to approach Xsens in this regard.

The live streaming feature is interesting, as you can approve your animations and character designs in realtime, adjusting motions and give feedback during the capture process.


Retargeting would be interesting as it would accelerate the workflow. But, yes maybe we will give it a try and implement it.

We have this exciting project coming up and I will have for sure some more questions ;)



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