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Not sure if this is a bug or if It's just because I'm new.  In the trial we had the thumbnails of each project would show up in the Browser, but now that we are in the full version "Entertainment" (same as our trial) the thumbnails are just the black and white scenic view.  Do we need to do something inside the editor or could this be a bug?  

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Hello @t.coursey,


It seems that thumbnails work correctly with both the latest SDK Browser and Entertainment SDK.  Could you please specify few details for us:

  • Which version and build of SDK Browser are you using(lower-left corner of SDK Browser window)
  • On which OS you're working?
  • Thumbnails does not work for a brand new project, or for updated one?

Please also note that thumbnails only updated after saving default world.

Meanwhile you can try to cleanup cache and configurations located in 


"UNIGINE_SDK_Browser" for browser cache and "Unigine" for editor's cache.

Thank you!

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