How to implement "flat shaded" material?


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How would I go about implementing a "flat shaded" mesh material? By flat shading, I mean the mesh should be subject to world lighting, however triangles should be rendered as if all pixel normals are set to the face normal (e.g. for a retro-graphics look with hard-edged triangles).

The "brute force" method of achieving this is to duplicate all vertices in the mesh, such that no vertices are shared. Then the three normals for each triangle can be set to the face normal by taking the cross-product of two of the edges. This is not ideal however, since it results in redundant vertex data. 

How would I implement this using a material? I thought it might be possible to calculate per-vertex face normals using a geometry shader, but I can't get this to play nicely with mesh_base.

Is there some sample material or shader code that does this?

Many thanks

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