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French keyboard issues


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I'm using the latest Unigine with a French keyboard (everything is fine if I switch to a US keyboard).

1/ With the French keyboard, in Windows/Settings/Editor/Hotkeys/Navigation,  I try to change the Camera speed to the french keys &, é, " (the three keys above the AZE of the AZERTY keyboard). While they behave correctly, they are displayed incorrectly in the settings window. 

2/ Create a WorldExpression, go the the WorldExpression/Source parameter. Now, as my physical keyboard is French, the { character is usually made by pressing AltGr+4. It DOES work if my keyboard is set to FR. But if I set it to US and forget it, and then press AltGr+4, then Unigine crashes. (I know in the US keyboard the { symbol is not made by AltGr+4, but ouf ouf habit I pressed it...)

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We've successfully reproduced the issues and added to our internal bug tracker. Thanks!

Currently, I'm afraid, we can't give any ETA, but we'll write back in case of any changes.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Raising this thread from the dead: these issues are still present in

Windows/Settings/Editor/Hotkeys/Navigation: changing the speed shows the incorrect key mapping with French keyboard. Worse, when closing and reopening the settings window, the mapping has been reverted to default values

- Windows/Settings/Controls: Changing the Forward or Move Left keys has no effect. Worse, the mapping is lost when closing and reopening the window.

I'm trying to push our internal users to use the Editor, but these restrictions are a show stopper for French keyboard users (and sorry but no, they won't change the language of the keyboard).

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