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Found 3 results

  1. Random crashes

    Hi @demostenes, I've reproduced this. However, it wasn't that often as you mentioned, but quite stable. I also observed that you're running main_sdl.exe instead of regular main.exe. Is this on purpose? We'll investigate the reasons for the crash and will try to fix it in the next update. Thanks.
  2. Hello, at the moment we are loading textures from uncompressed tga files. We are reaching the limit now for our application (OpenGL complains when allocating more than 4GB video ram for 32 bit applications on a 1080Ti 11GB) and sometimes framebuffers get incomplete. Ram usage is about 1 GB at the moment. What is the best way to initalize texture compression on program start, because I found no entry in the help file or forum so far. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I Observed that Run in SDK Browser 1.8.2 starts PROJECT_NAME.exe file but Edit Content starts main.exe (here you should add x86, x64 and d for provided names). I assume that this should point for the same file as start point.