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Found 4 results

  1. [SOLVED] Can't play .wav files

    I'm trying to play sound for event in the code. SoundSourcePtr s = SoundSource::create("static_impact_00.wav"); if (!s->isPlaying()) { s->play(); } But get following errors: SoundFileWav::load(): can't open "static_impact_00.wav" file ALSampleStatic::ALSampleStatic(): can't load "static_impact_00.wav" file But this .wav file was played in the Editor. Also sounds were toggled on in .world file.
  2. Hi, When using a SoundSource, the sound completely cuts out of one side when the emitter is ether off to the left or the right. Is there a way to change this behavior so there is always a bit of sound coming from both sides? Is there anyway to do this without using the SoundReverb class? I do not want any reverberation in an open field. Thanks, Sam
  3. Tracker: Soundsource improvement

    Hello I would like to suggest the following improvement to Tracker: given that case: I Have a Sound Souce, which has a specific lenght. Now, if i pause tracker in the part where the SoundSource is, the Source loops. That's one thing. The other thing, if my file is longer then the Tracker Time it runs (which can be different by different Unit/s), the file continues it's play where it stopped previously. Maybe it would make more sense to default NOT LOOP sounds in Tracker and if they start again, play from 0 and not from the stop (e.g. pause) position (the source, not the track ofc.).. Toughs by others on the matter are very welcome.
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