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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am not able to find any info in the docs on this, I have been looking at the parameters window and i can't see any option which can be used to constraint a Rigidbody's Rotation or Position. Auto-Complete also didn't provide anything useful when i type BodyRigid.Constraint, how to enable body Constraints in unigine?
  2. currently node.GetRotation() returns the rotation in type quat, i want to make changes to the rotation is there any way i can get the rotation in euler angles like Quaternion.Euler from unity?
  3. Здравствуйте! Есть один общий трэк, который содержит в себе несколько мелких. Пытаюсь программно поменять расположение запуска одного из трэков. Не очень понятно как это сделать. Если правильно понимаю, то для этого нужно задать indicies_t и keys_t и сделать update_track_float. Код примерно такой: Unigine::Tracker::TrackerParameterTrack::Track t = track.parameter_tracks[num]; t.indices_t[0] = 7.0f; t.indices_t[1] = 17.0f; Unigine::Tracker::TrackerParameter tp = track.getParameter(num); tp.update_track_float(t.keys_t, t.indices_t); Объясните, пожалуйста, также, что такое indicies_t, и какое отношение этот массив имеет к keys_t? Comp.track
  4. Testing Gaea for terrain generation, was just trying to use one of his demo terrains. Generated the heightmap and albedo, tried to use them using the Landscape tool. Using the RGB height image I was able to generate a first time the terrain, but without any elevation so completelly flat. The color image used as Albedo was correctly displayed. Since this heightmap is RGB16 and not R16 I tried to create the _2 version as just R16 map, also appear the correct size for this map is 10x10km so I tried changing the terrain size, but so far - Terrain tool didn't recognize the _2 version as heightmap so I need to use the original one - The terrain is generated but nothing is displayed in the viewport.Tried multiple times to delete the generated landscape but nothing changed For sure I'm doing something wrong, but can't find what.
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