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Found 3 results

  1. Recently I've been working on a weather system for our game, but realized that I can't create a cloudy sky while also having distance fog. The haze feature that creates the atmospheric distortion effect eliminates the volumetric clouds. Here I have an overcast sky and here's the same sky with the haze distance value lowered. The clouds start disappearing around the same distance from the camera that the haze starts. Here's a photo illustrating the kind of effect I need, where the mountain displays heavy atmopheric distortion, but the clouds are still clearly visible behind
  2. In Unigine 2.1 the Atmospheric scattering was refactored (and it looks awesome) But in our product, we have spherical planets. So we can't use the default atmospheric scattering. We have a custom implementation of this feature. However we would like to use an environment texture or at least a global ambient light to prevent shadows from being just plain black. In previous versions of Unigine we simply set <render_scattering>0</render_scattering> But now, with the new system, in order to deactivate the atmospheric scattering, we have to deactivate environment texture at t
  3. [SOLVED] Sun with custom sky background

    I'm wondering is there a way to display custom background and a sun at the same time? My experiments shows that sun is disabled when 'Background' state is enabled for sky material.