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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I've been trying to understand how water/rigid bodies interaction are to be set up, but even though I had a deep look at the physics samples in Editor 1, I could not reproduce any of them in the Editor 2. Surely, I must be missing some crucial steps but I don't know where to look. Here is the step-by-step way I tried: 1-Start Editor 2 with a new default scene. 2-Creating the water: -Create Primitive Plane with 40x40m and 40subdisision. -Create Mesh from it and remove the node. -Then Create Object/Water Mesh with the water mesh just saved. And I move it up a
  2. Hello Is there an option to turn off damping of rigid bodies to simulate object movement in open space. I'm tried change parameters in "Physics settings" Linear damp to 0 and Frozen linear velocity and in Node->Body:Rigid->LDamping also Shapes->Friction and Restitution are set to 0 but after collision of two rigid bodies they slow down movement very fast and stop what do I need to set to make girid bodies unstopable/?