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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, functionality to scroll through the console entries with "page up" and "page down" key is not working anymore in This was a very fast way to check the log, will it come back again? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, How to Access White Color in Settings Window? I searched , you can help me Thank you
  3. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to write messages to both or either of the in game and IDE consoles, in C# components. I've done this, Unigine.Console.Run("show_messages 1"); Unigine.Log.Message("Begun title sequence./n"); And show_messages shows up in both consoles, however the following Log.Message, does not?
  4. Problems with console callbacks

    Hi, I've added a few console commands. But the only one that works is the one with no arguments. The console commands I've added with arguments don't work. Could you help me figure out what I've done wrong? Here's a callback: class SetCameraTargetCallback : public CallbackBase3<double, double, double> { void run (double x, double y, double z) { Log::message("Testing...\n"); PlayerSpectatorPtr player = PlayerSpectator::create(Game::get()->getPlayer()); Vec3 camPos(x,y,z); player->setNodeWorldPosition(camPos); } } SetCameraPosCallback
  5. I want to save a sequence of screenshots to a RAM disk for performance reasons. However I cannot set an absolute path i.e. Q:\screenshots\ - instead the only argument I can pass is a relative path to $APP\bin\screenshots\ Or at leasts if there is a way I can't see it.
  6. Hey Unigine, in attachment you'll find a sample project to reproduce this error. Error explanation: If i try to change the video mode: engine.console.setInt( "video_mode", 3 ); And after this I restart the engine with: ( "video_restart" ); The project is reloaded and the size of the frame is restartet but the problem is that: / Isn't updatet. The width and height are just updated after a second press on the button which is attached, but not with the first one - which should be so? I found a work around with trig
  7. Console input issue

    After running unigine-based application on ubuntu 11.10 via optirun (maybe this tool for switching video adapters is the reason!), gnome terminal showing no input. Actually input is working properly, but it becomes invisible. When i run other applications via optirun from linux console after it closes input works well.