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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I'm trying to do something very simple for learning purposes about clothes, following this link: https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.2/principles/physics/bodies/cloth/ . Well, in this part I'm getting stuck: It's because I don't know how to make these surfaces appear inside a mesh, copy, create or whatever. I'm getting a similar result only by selecting 2 meshes and exporting to Unigine Mesh. The Result is a static mesh with 2 surfaces inside, resulting in a loss of animation of 2 meshes and this is not correct. Sorry about my english, and thank you in advance!
  2. cloth sim issue

    I'm having difficulties getting my head round this issue... I'm working on an animated horse with flowing mane/hair and am trying to apply physics to the mane to get it to flow (so am using cloth) but can't get it to work correctly. I'm trying to follow the steps in the https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.6.1/principles/physics/bodies/cloth/?words=cloth#attaching doc can't get it work right. Any help would be much appreciated. Edited 10 hours ago by gary
  3. Well I'm having more problem with your cloth system. It seems that cloth in our scene is really gpu expensive. On our good GPU card, having 6 characters with fully-cloth-rigged got our FPS down from 60 to 4. (I'm not having a lot of polygons on them either, roughly less than 500 tris per character.) Try bringing iteration down to 1 didn't help much neither... I tried the cloth7 demo and those cloths seem to have no effect on GPU at all. So I'm wondering what am I doing wrong? Is it b/c they use particle attachments?
  4. Hello there. We kinda face another issue with cloth simulation. After awhile all the cloths in our game just get messed up and we like things to be tidy. Is there a way to force cloth's vertexes to spring back to its original form when there's no physical interaction on them? Or will there be one in the future? (Shouldn't this be something extremely easy to add?)
  5. Hello, I can't joint coat (cloth) to ragdoll (example in attachment to skinned mesh: https://developer.un...loth/#attaching). Where I read about it?
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