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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, we did observe that when we are changing the material of an ObjectMeshStatic, it will lose its auxiliary state information during runtime. We are using the aux buffer for outlining objects, but changing the material will disable the outlining. We did a workarround for this and did restoring the auxiliary state when the material changes. We did a profile run and did observe: restoring the auxiliary state takes always a lot of time until the function will return. So every time a material changes on an object the application halts for a noticeable time. Do you have a simple solution for that, that does not cost any extra ressources and time on CPU/GPU side? We are on 2.8 Unigine version using opengl. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, I just port our project from 2.7.2 to 2.7.3 and discovered that the auxiliary buffer is doing a depth test now. My material is set to disable depth test and depth mask to prevent depth testing and writing so I can write all pixel in the auxiliary buffer to do the outlining with a sobel later. It worked without problems in 2.7.2.. Is there a workarround without offsetting the geometry from the ground plane? Sample code and video is in the attachement. Thanks, Sebastian source.zip UNIGINE Engine 11.01.2019 11_34_19.mp4
  3. How to make TAA not applying on Auxiliary

    Hi, we have some cool effects such as Outline, Highlight, Border Detection... in post shaders that require auxiliary buffer. We now need combining these effects at the same time but we only have one auxiliary texture so we tried to set alpha channel like a kind of mask for each effect/object combination (like viewport mask). Shaders will check alpha channel of auxiliary buffer and if it does match their 'mask', they will make the effect using auxiliary RGB channels. When 'masks' fit the effect works fine, but when they do not, some artifacts can be seen. After investigating we realized that TAA is been applied on Auxiliary buffer and, consecuently, blending alpha channel with old auxiliary that is what makes this artifacts. Is there any way to make TAA not being applied on Auxiliary buffer? Is there any way to check old/current auxiliary buffer before applying TAA? Maybe any other tip to achieve this 'mask' behaviour? Thanks in advance, Javier [Mask not matching and TAA active. Orange is Outline effect and Green is Highlight effect] [Mask matching and TAA active]
  4. Auxiliary Buffer size

    Hi, is it possible to resize the auxiliary buffer, it has a much more smaller resolution as the actual scene when I use it (about 8x)? I want to do a very high detailed outlining but it looks very blocky. I am using your sobel filter for edge detection. In the Attachement is a FULLHD resolution image from current state. Thanks, Sebastian
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