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Found 6 results

  1. Switch mouse state

    Hi, I am experimenting with UI. Using code below I try to switch the mouse state when i press F After reading these docs and looking in the sample i have not found a solution The states only seem to work the first cycle. And i do not find what I am missing. private void Update() { if (Input.IsKeyDown(WidgedMode)) { s
  2. Hide Mouse Cursor

    Hi, I’m looking to control when the cursor graphic is displayed on screen so I can toggle between showing mouse cursor for UI interaction and hiding the mouse cursor for controlling the player camera via custom controls. Currently I and using the define MOUSE_USER and have the two functions below in an input manger class to enable mouse control which should hide the mouse cursor but still allow getting mouse delta x and y values for custom control handling while the cursor is hidden and disable mouse which should show the cursor disabling my custom input and allow the user to interac
  3. Hi, I want to set it so the mouse doesn't disappear when the user clicks on the app window while not over UI. I've seen the post linked below and tried -extern_define MOUSE_SOFT but this didn't change how the cursor behaved. We are developing a VR application and the screen shows the main menu and a spectator mode but i don't want the user to be able to click and hide the mouse cursor. How would i go about controlling the cursor behaviour to achieve this?
  4. mouse grab release

    Hello What mouse related methods are called when user press ~tilda or ESC I'm tried this methods engine.gui.setMouseGrab(1); engine.controls.setMouseEnabled(0);//freeze;//windows mouse camera.setHandled(false); camera.setEnabled(false); camera.getControls().release(); camera.setControlled(1); camera.setControls(0); tag code has infinite loading for me but with no success I need area on screen, where user click will not grab mouse and not hide cursor
  5. Hi everyone, There have a question about mouse chose precision, I have input a object(.mesh ) in the scene, and I try to chose it by mouse click, but now I have a question that the mouse click around the model but not on the model I can chose the model too. my model input by C++ as follow: my model input code: ObjectMeshStaticPtr mesh; mesh = ObjectMeshStatic::create(modelPath.c_str()); mesh->setMaterial(texture_material_0, "*"); The code about mouse chose (It's refer to the Unigine demo "Orbits"): int checkIntersection() { if (Unigine::Editor::get()->isLoaded()) re
  6. So, I have a tool that I'm building to create roads both geometrically and using a project decal; the DecalDeferredMesh. The issue is that once I turn a mesh into a DecalDeferredMesh and project it onto the terrain I can no longer select it using the mouse as I can my other ObjectMeshDynamic geometry. Can anybody give me a suggestion on what I can use to use the mouse to select a DecalDeferredMesh? Thanks, Josh