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Unigine Basics
1. Introduction
2. Managing Virtual Worlds
3. Preparing 3D Models
4. Materials
5. Cameras and Lighting
6. Implementing Application Logic
7. Making Cutscenes and Recording Videos
8. Preparing Your Project for Release
9. Physics
10. Optimization Basics
11. PROJECT2: First-Person Shooter
12. PROJECT3: Third-Person Cross-Country Arcade Racing Game

Attaching Object to HMD

Sometimes, it might be necessary to attach some object to the HMD to follow it. It can be a menu (like the MenuAttachedToHead node in the sample), glasses with colored lenses, or a smoking cigar. To attach a node to the HMD position, assign the VRAttachToHead component to this node and specify the required settings: distance, forward direction axis, and flags indicating whether the node position is fixed and updated when the component is enabled.

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