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Unigine Basics
1. Introduction
2. Managing Virtual Worlds
3. Preparing 3D Models
4. Materials
5. Cameras and Lighting
6. Implementing Application Logic
7. Making Cutscenes and Recording Videos
9. Physics
10. Optimization Basics
11. PROJECT2: First-Person Shooter
12. PROJECT3: Third-Person Cross-Country Arcade Racing Game
13. PROJECT4: VR Application With Simple Interaction

Launcher Configuration

In addition to building the project, Build Tool allows you to automatically generate a Launcher for it. You may have already encountered launchers: before launching the game itself, an application with a picturesque splash screen opens, allowing you to set the necessary settings (VR mode, resolution, additional launch arguments, etc.). You can automatically generate a bat/sh script, or you can create a GUI-based launcher:

To customize the launcher, select the GUI-Based type in the Launcher Default Settings group.

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