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Recent news:
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GUI fixes, SDK improvements, indie licenses


  • Added binary SDKs for iOS and Android.
  • Added XCode projects for Apple platforms:
    • Mac OS X (source/app/main/main_x64.xcodeproj and source/engine/libUnigine_x64.xcodeproj)
    • iOS (source/app/iOS/main_arm.xcodeproj and source/engine/libUnigine_arm.xcodeproj)
  • Added Visual Studio C++ 2010 project files in VCXProj format (source/app/main/main_vc2010.vcxproj and source/engine/unigine_vc2010.vcxproj).
  • Updated Visual Studio C++ 2008 project files.
  • Improved Unigine SDK browser UI.


  • Added samples of Direct3D9/10/11 context initialization with Qt wrapper (see source/samples/App directory).
  • Added "video_resizable" console option (disabled by default; if enabled, a window size can be changed on the fly, without having to restart).
  • Console activation key can now be re-defined via "console_key" config option (the default value is 96, an ASCII code for '`' character).
  • Fixed special character input with Alt/Ctrl buttons pressed.
  • Fixed ObjectGui intersection.


  • Fixed fog rendering in ortho projections.
  • Fixed visual artifacts on physical objects with motion blur enabled.
  • Added 'simd' SCons flag, possible values are 'none', 'sse', 'sse2', 'altivec', 'neon' and 'default' (stands for the default platform-specific setting).
  • Added isInt()...isControls() methods for Variable class into C++ API.
  • Fixed CPU count detection on Android.
  • Removed Description field from materials and properties.
  • Ogg Theora library is upgraded to ARM-optimized version (1.2.0alpha1) for mobile devices.
  • Project name can be passed via '-project' CLI option (if set, it forces the engine to store all changing data, such as a log file, cache files and the config, in the user profile rather than in a directory with binaries).
  • Added documentation on inheritance of UnigineScript user classes from base engine and extern C++ classes.
  • Added documentation on 'post_filter_reflection' post-processing material:

Editor in progress:

If you have not yet heard of it, a new version of UnigineEditor is fully underway. As the plan goes, its main features are:

  • Multi-window interface with standard widgets based on Qt library
  • Asset database with platform-specific settings
  • Live edit on target platforms (mobile, PS3...)
  • Sequence editor (for cut-scenes)
  • Flowgraph editor (for "visual scripting")
  • Animation tree editor
  • Automated deployment to target platforms
  • Plug-in system
The alpha version will be available approximately in 3 months.

Indie deal:

Time-limited indie licensing options are available until November 30,starting from $1299. Read more in the press-release.

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