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Terrain with hardware tessellation, hotfixes


  • Terrain has been migrated from strips to simple triangles, from now on it supports hardware tessellation (only in DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0).
  • Added a sample with terrain smoothed via hardware tessellation: data/samples/objects/terrain_01.
  • Added distance-based gradual projection fading for decals.
  • Added a sample with omni-directional decals: data/samples/decals/omni_00.
  • Decals use their own 'two-sided' setting during projection rather than material one.
  • Skinned meshes can be rendered into the velocity buffer for motion blur.
  • Added a sample with translucent lightmaps: data/samples/lights/lightmap_01.


  • Fixed skinned mesh export in Maya plugins.
  • Lightmapping tool inside of the UnigineEditor currently factors in light masks, shadow flags, two-sided option and translucence.
  • Fixed clamp/level feature in NormalMapper.
  • MeshViewer now shows the number of active bones in a selected surface.
  • Added light and viewport masks for decals into UnigineEditor.
  • Fixed OBJ files loading in Terrain tool.


  • Fixed splash screens called within init()/shutdown() functions in the system script.
  • WorldTransform has acquired new functions that allow to directly access its spline.
  • Added support of PPM P2/P3 image file formats.
  • Fixed the disappearance of wheels connected by JointWheel.
  • Fixed the error after multiple calls of WorldTransform::play().
  • Various WorldExpression bugfixes.
  • Fixed WidgetFlash positioning.
  • Added cross() for ivec3 in UnigineScript.
  • Added support of button events in Flash (onRelease, onPress etc).


  • Added info on Flash usage.
  • Updated UnigineScript library documentation.
  • Updated info on core math, data types and operators in UnigineScript.

PS: Mac OS X support is on the way.

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