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Updated terrain, Unigine Developer Community, OilRush

Heap of changes:

  • Updated terrain system (see details below).
  • TerrainEditor has been integrated into UnigineEditor and improved.
  • Added new terrain samples.
  • Added documentation on updated terrain system and its editor: "Principles of Operation / Objects / Terrain".
  • Fixed some sound-related crashes.
  • Added 'PostRefraction' flag into materials: transparent objects can be drawn after the refraction pass with this flag enabled.
  • Thread-unsafe updates of objects have been moved to flush() stage.
  • Added setViewDirection()/getViewDirection() methods to players.
  • Renamed 'clipping' option of particles into 'culling' (don't forget to run utils/
  • Fixed green background at video playback start.
  • Added function for setting of initial particle speed.
  • Physics API function setFrozenable() was renamed into setFreezable().
  • Time-based filtration of contacts in physics.
  • Safe multithreaded collisions with terrain.
  • More verbose warnings in Direct3D9/10/11.
  • Fixed setting of Unicode window caption.
  • Added support of texture atlas (4x4) for particles.
  • Added blend() function into Image class.
  • Completely removed clipmap support.
  • Reduced memory consumption in UnigineScript.
  • Improved swizzlers for variables in UnigineScript: now it's possible to set '1' and '0' values (e.g. foo.xy0 bar.01x).
  • Even more performance boost in UnigineScript.
  • WidgetGridBox now correctly handles all hidden child widgets.
  • Full-screen mode isdows SDK 7.1 set to the primary output device now.
  • Fixed array elements access in UnigineScript (array[2][2]).
  • Added unicodeToUtf8() and utf8ToUnicode() functions into UnigineScript.
  • Correct work with SN compiler for PS3.
  • Inverted Y-axis of grass mask.
  • New WorldClutter object for procedural placing nodes from a predefined set around the player according to the mask image.
  • Added dot() function for quaternions in API.
  • New 'EmitterBased' flag in particle systems (particles follow the emitter).
  • Added _CELLOS_LV2 define into UnigineScript for PS3.
  • More fine tuning parameters for grass culling.
  • Added script for handling Euler angles (data/core/scripts/euler.h).
  • Removed WorldTransform editor from UnigineScript.
  • Added PhysicalTrigger node, which works the same way as WorldTrigger, but uses physical world data and can have any physical shape.
  • 'contact' parameter was renamed into 'touch' in WorldTrigger.
  • Access to shapes in player contacts.
  • Support of arbitrary blur radius for DoF.
  • Added physical ropes.
  • ComboBox widget now fires corrert GUI_CLICKED callback.
  • Added several rope samples.
  • Added small 'tessellation' demo into SDK.
  • Project files were upgraded to be compliant with Visual Studio 2010 Express.
  • Added support of Windows SDK 7.1.
  • Added a set of articles on physics into the reference manual: see "Principles of Operation / Physics" chapter.

New WorldClutter object in use:
WorldClutter object in use

Terrain changes

Main features of the renewed terrain:

  • Built-in terrain editor
  • Heightmap streaming
  • Holes
  • Texture splatting
  • Optional triplanar texturing
  • Automatic texture streaming
  • The maximum size is 65536+1 x 65536+1

More details on terrain update can be found in the reference manual and in thecorresponding Unigine Developer community forum thread.
Terrain editing

Unigine Developer Community

We have successfully launched beta-test of Unigine Developer Community portal in August, there is already a lot of useful information on its forum. Next features to be implemented in the portal are direct SVN access to Unigine SDK contents and early access to all internal projects of Unigine Corp.


We have officially announced OilRush naval strategy game for Windows, Linux and PlayStation 3. The game is based on Unigine™ engine and is currently at the end of production stage.
OilRush game
OilRush game
OilRush game
Visit the official OilRush website for more info.

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