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Recent news:
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Huge performance optimization of scripts

Recent changes:

  • HUGE performance optimization of UnigineScript (especially effective for user-defined classes).
  • Safe multi-threaded update of all nodes.
  • Fixed ATI alpha to coverage under Direct3D9.
  • Fixed seeking on broken WAV files.
  • Added volume_shaft_base material for volumetric light shafts.
  • Occlusion is available in additional viewports.
  • Optimized rendering of meshes in non-instanced mode.
  • Extensive optimization of math library.
  • Added support of 'Ctrl + x' shortcut for WidgetEditLine and WidgetEditText.
  • Fullscreen mode is now set on a more preferable device in multi-monitor configurations (according to the resolution).
  • Fixed problem with swapped mouse buttons in the left-handed mode.
  • Added is_base_class() UnigineScript function.
  • ResourceEditor can open a specific tool depending on command line options (-mesh_viewer / -terrain_editor / -normal_combiner / -normal_mapper / -ambient_mapper).
  • Call of system() function doesn't create an additional console window.
  • Added system mouse support in runtime: set USER_MOUSE define in data/core/scripts/system.h file.
  • Updated documentation on UnigineScript library.
  • Added tutorial on water (see "Tutorials" section in the reference manual).
  • New terrain system is on its way.
  • Fixed SDK installer.

Volumetric light shafts:
Volumetric light shafts

PlayStation 3 port news:

  • Skinning on SPU.
  • SPU-based polygon culling of meshes, skinned meshes and particles.
  • Fixed bugs with insufficient precision of volumetric fog.

Strategy game:

Here is a couple of screenshots from our unannounced PC/PS3 strategy game, which is currently at the production stage:
Unannounced game powered by Unigine engine
Unannounced game powered by Unigine engine
Right now we are balancing game mechanics and adding last left units into the game, so the end of the production stage is coming very close. The official announce and more info will be available later this month.

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