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Recent news:
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SPU optimizations, 3D Vision support, new SDK installers

What's new:

  • Native support of NVIDIA 3D Vision technology.
  • Wireframe and GUI are rendered for both eyes in stereo mode.
  • Simplified work with stereo 3D: include core/scripts/stereo.h and set one of the following defines: STEREO_SEPARATE, STEREO_3D_VISION, STEREO_IZ3D, STEREO_ANAGLYPH.
  • Added 'color' base property type.
  • Fixed rendering time can be set using function (be aware that game.setIFps() and game.setFTime don't have approriate get*() functions since game.getIFps() and game.getFTime() return the current frame values scaled by game.getScale()).
  • Performance boost of scene management.
  • Default far clipping plane distance for players is changed to 10000.0.
  • Added surface map generation in NormalMapper.
  • Added 'clear'/'reload' buttons for all tools in ResourceEditor.
  • Fixed missing tessellation textures in UnigineEditor.
  • Added two more tutorials (see "Tutorials" section in the reference manual):
    • Adding Scripts to the Project.
    • Adding Sun, Sky and Clouds.
  • Included the full content of Heaven benchmark into all SDK versions.
  • Introduced 'Tools Pack' installer (it contains only tools, plugins and documentation).
  • NewNSIS-based installers for both binary and source SDKs (Windows versions only).

Tools pack is intended to be used by artists who don't need the full SDK access. New SDK installers are still in the experimental stage, please contact technical support service if you'll experience any problems with them.

PlayStation 3 port changes:

  • No more CPU/GPU sync, GPU is always loaded with processing command buffer from the previous frame.
  • SPU jobs management system.
  • Reduced memory consumption.
  • Speedup of dynamic mesh rendering.
  • More Altivec optimizations.
  • No more RGBA16F textures.
  • SPU-based optimization of particle systems.
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