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Direct PlayStation 3 port is completed

What's new:

  • Fixed property libraries loading bug.
  • Moving of disabled nodes doesn't affect performance.
  • Mouse pointer can be controlled via engine.gui.* namespace now.
  • Fixed object.setBody() and body.setObject() functions in UnigineScripts.
  • Distance-based fading of volumetric objects.
  • More detailed info on functions in EngineAnalyzer (input arguments are also printed now).
  • Changed decals storage format, please re-generate them (simply load world, select "Tools" -> "Batch" -> "Generate Decals" in the editor and re-save the world).
  • No more memory allocations in ObjectMeshDynamic during tangent space calculation.
  • All mesh-related things were migrated to two-vector tangent space basis.
  • Removed artifacts caused by transition from underwater to above-water modes and vice versa (take a look at updated Tropics demo in the SDK).
  • Added new fog for light scattering emulation in underwater mode.
  • Optional two-sided reflection for water.
  • ObjectMeshSkinned performance improvement.
  • Fixed bug with wrong destruction of multiple GUI.
  • Stack size can be defined for Thread.
  • Severe video memory optimizations.
  • Performance optimization of WorldLight.
  • Added plugins for Maya 8.5 64-bit.
  • Coordinate system is relative to the current coordinates of a NodeReference in NodeReference editing mode of UnigineEditor.
  • Completed non-interactive network viewer sample.
  • Added basic tutorials (see "Tutorials" section in the reference manual):
    • Adding Object into a New World.
    • Adding Animated Object into the Loaded World.
    • Setup Sky and Water.
  • NewNSIS-based installer for evaluation kit (fixed a lot of issues, including plugins installation).

PlayStation 3 port progress:

  • Direct PPU/GPU port of Unigine is completed, everything works very well (as it was expected).
  • All benchmarks (Sanctuary, Tropics and Heaven) works well on PS3, as well as SDK samples.
  • Major things left to do:
    • Add PS3 gamepad support.
    • Utilize SPUs for performance optimizations.
    • RSX-specific optimizations of shaders.
    • Prepare Unigine PS3 SDK and evaluation kit.

Heaven 2.0 running on PlayStation 3 (it looks the same as on PC w/o tessellation): Unigine Heaven 2.0 on PlayStation 3

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