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Table of contents:

PS3 port is coming

Recent changes:

  • Detection of CrosssFireX and QuadFireX modes.
  • Synchronization of random seeds for particles and clouds.
  • Added 'rigidity' parameter into ragdolls.
  • Added 'data' field for widgets in UI files syntax.
  • Added emission into mesh_paint_base material.
  • Added deferred rendering of lights (can be used per-light).
  • Added material/property handling via C++ API.
  • Optional 2D density map for volume_cloud_base material.
  • Changed splash screen API (splash screens now can be shown at any time): engine.splash.setEnabled(1); while(true) engine.splash.renderSplash(progress); engine.splash.setEnabled(0);
  • Editing of WorldTransform splines in UnigineEditor.
  • Export of splines from Softimage.
  • Added support of detail textures mesh_paint_base.
  • Added different blending modes for detail textures for mesh_base and mesh_paint_base (multiply, overlay).
  • Added local align option into Softimage export plugin.
  • Updated "Rendering Sequence" article in the manual.
  • Fixed bugs caused by video mode change in DX10/DX11.
  • Full support of OpenGL 4.0 hardware tessellation API.

We have good news regarding PlayStation 3 version of Unigine: since we finally got devkits, development is moving very fast, at the moment we have working controls, file system, memory management and can draw meshes.

Fonts test on PS3

Unfortunately current drivers from ATI doesn't handle hardware tessellation in OpenGL 4.0 yet so we can't updated Heaven benchmark right now to provide this feature in OpenGL mode.


Let's meet at GDC!