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Table of contents:

Let's meet at GDC!

What's new:

  • Heavy refactoring of base materials.
  • Tessellation state is switched on/off automatically depending on distance to the object.
  • Updated DirectX SDK headers to February 2010 version.
  • Verbose list of textures used by the render.
  • Added validation of duplicate surface names and incorrect bone weights for skinned meshes into 3dsMax plugins.
  • Fixed a wrong animation frame number being displayed in ResourceEditor.
  • Support of uniform_buffer_object in OpenGL.
  • Global scaling settings for tessellation parameters and reflection color.
  • Added GL_ARB_sample_shading OpenGL extension support for supersample alpha-testing.
  • Fixed inheritance of properties by BodyFracture pieces.
  • ImageDDS tool now supports OpenCL for faster image compression (-opencl command line option).
  • More efficient mesh optimizator.
  • Spark emitter generates particles oriented along the normal of collided surface.
  • Added 'auto' pseudo-type of variables in UnigineScript.
  • Fixed the order of objects destruction by exiting UnigineScript.
  • Node ID is now displayed in UnigineEditor now.
  • Simplification of HDR cross shader.
  • Added a full set of 32/64 bit plugins for Maya 2008, 2009 and 2010.
  • Increased speed of grass and foliage rendering.
  • Optimized supersampled alpha-testing for 8x AA mode.
  • Bunch of minor fixes.

This month was also filled with a lot of important events, for example we met with AMD and NVIDIA engineers and marketing people.

There will be no updates for the next 2 weeks since we are heading toGDC in San Francisco. By the way, you're welcome to visit our booth #1344 (there will be our CEO, CTO and sales manager are going to show a lot of new amazing stuff). Feel free to contact us for an appointment via