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Recent news:
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Physical destruction, bugfixes

Recent changes:

  • Added destructible body type: BodyFracture (it supports three destruction patterns).
  • Performance boost in spatial subdivision.
  • Removed intersection mask from BodyWater, it intersects with parent node now (like grass).
  • Support of cylinder collision shape.
  • Joints with softness set must be re-adjusted.
  • Added full CCD for spheres and capsules.
  • 'reflection' parameter of BodyWater is renamed to 'absorption'.
  • Fixed assert in GUI on video mode change.
  • Fixed sectors/triggers infinite recursion.
  • Saving/restoring array iterators in UnigineScript.
  • Fixed incorrect UV data of water in DirectX 10/11.
  • Children particle systems with shift emitter use parent particles as emitters.
  • Added more samples of particle systems.
  • Tessellation optimization gives up to 30% performance boost.
  • PSSM shadow geometry replication by geometry shader (controlled by the folowing console variables: gl_render_use_geometry_replication, d3d10_render_use_replication, d3d11_render_use_replication).
  • Tesselated triangles count can be seen in 'RPrimitives' profiler counter.
  • Added 'Reduce Mesh' feature into MeshViewer: it removes invisible inner triangles.
  • Screensaver launch and power off blocking with running engine on Windows.
  • Fixed wrong UV data in WidgetSpriteShader.
  • Even more speed optimizations and minor bugfixes.
  • Updated documentation on UnigineScript library.

Physical destruction of objects:
Video demonstrating physical destruction

Another sample (also can be found in update Unigine SDK):

Video demonstrating physical destruction

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