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What's new:

  • Added SpawnThreshold parameter for particle systems (spawn rate for 'random' and 'spark' emitters depends on the speed of parent objects).
  • Separate axis flip for particles: 'variation_x' and 'variation_y' parameters (run script for data upgrade).
  • Shared 2D reflections (the same way as cube reflections are shared).
  • New BodyWater for physical simulation of shallow water with two-way interaction.
  • Access to floating objects in PhysicalWater.
  • PhysicalWater and BodyWater spawn spark particles on contact, if particle system is made a child node.
  • Emitters of child particle systems are synchronously enabled when the parent emitter is enabled.
  • Continuous collision detection for spheres vs convex hulls, spheres vs meshes, capsules vs convex hulls and capsules vs meshes.
  • Less memory allocations by render.
  • Added two more flags for nodes: isVisible (the node was shown in a viewport) and isShadow (the node casted shadow).
  • Added camera limitations for PlayerSpectator.
  • Per-object freeze speed of physical objects.
  • Inverse kinematics for ragdolls.
  • Added more physical cloth samples, including ones of attaching the cloth to skinned mesh.
  • Added BodyWater samples.
  • Added inverse kinematics samples.
  • Visualization of full ragdoll hierarchy and bone hierarchy in UnigineEditor.
  • Reduced memory consumption by plugins for 3D editors.
  • Fixed MeshSkinnedImport plugin for 3ds Max.
  • Updated Softimage plugins (usability improvements).
  • Added documentation on grass ("Principles of Operation / Objects / Grass" section of the manual).

API changes:

  • is renamed into
  • is renamed into
  • is renamed into

Physical cloth on skinned mesh objects:

Video demonstrating physical cloth on skinned mesh objects

Interaction of objects with physical water:

Video demonstrating interaction of objects with physical water

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