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Table of contents:

Physical cloth

What's new:

  • Added support of physical cloth.
  • Added JointPin for pinning cloth to BodyRigid and BodyDummy.
  • Added PhysicalWind for setting wind areas affecting cloth.
  • Fixed saving of instanced materials.
  • Access to contact time in physical contacts.
  • Access to more verbose info from JointWheel.
  • "Frozenable" flag for rigid bodies.
  • Correct handling of setVelocityTransform() by BodyRagDoll.
  • Fixed Unicode issue with log file names in Windows.
  • Added plugins for Maya 2009 Linux 64 bit.
  • Fixed issue with particles inside sectors.
  • Added a bunch of new physical samples.
  • Updated documentation on common object options ("Principles of Operation / Objects" section of the manual).

Cloth-based propellers drive airplanes in the field of PhysicalWind:

Video demonstrating interaction of physical cloth with wind

Cloth tearing:

Video demonstrating cloth tearing

Cloth-based leaves:

Video demonstrating cloth-based leaves

You can find more videos with new features inUnigine crew's blog.

PS: By the way, here is another blog entry regarding Unigine in AMD Underground Blog:11 Days of DirectX® 11, Day Eight: Unigine "Heaven".