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Table of contents:

OpenGL 3.2 support

Recent changes:

  • Support of OpenGL 3.2 (MSAA on scattering and SSAO; support of signed textures for normal maps).
  • Added new mesh_tessellation_paint_base base material.
  • Granted access to ObjectMeshSkinned via C++ API.
  • Updated C++ API documentation.
  • Fixed bug with parsing '#' symbol inside define-disabled blocks in scripts.
  • Memory allocator is more verbose now.
  • Decreased CPU cache miss count.
  • Replacing the 'inline' statement by '__forceinline' provided a huge performance speedup under Windows.
  • Refactoring of XML parser.
  • Less system memory consumption on DirectX 9.
  • Empty maps can be declared as (:) in UnigineScript.
  • Refactored KeyLine system, please refer to the documentation for more info.
  • Fixed crash of import plugins on surfaces with zero vertex count.
  • Fixed batch changing of light options in UnigineEditor.
  • Improved seams removing algorithm for ResourceEditor.
  • ObjectGrass intersects with the parent object with the use of intersection mask.
  • Updated documentation on lighting ("Principles of Operation / Lighting and Shadows" section of the manual).

Here is a preliminary screenshot from the upcoming DirectX 11 benchmark based on Unigine:

The demonstration of the benchmark will be held on the major forthcoming event, stay tuned for more news.