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Full DirectX 11 render with tessellation support

Recent changes:

  • Tessellation support under DirectX 11.
  • Tessellation support under OpenGL on ATI DirectX 10 level cards.
  • Added hull and domain shaders for tessellation.
  • Added "render_profiler" console variable that turns on/off performance profiling of render postprocesses.
  • Fixed OpenCL initialization (headers were silently updated by Khronos Group).
  • Detail textures can use the second UV channel (it can be selected in the "States / Options / Detail" drop-down menu).
  • Added mesh_tessellation_base material for objects with hardware tessellation, it supports tessellation masks and height textures.
  • Fixed UnigineScript bug with disappearing of "this" by complex inheritance.
  • Reloading of meshes with different surfaces in MeshViewer; minor usability improvements.
  • Added EXT_texture_snorm extension support.
  • Added the distance for disabling occluders.
  • Simplified SSAO for low shader profile.
  • CUDA headers updated to version 2.30.
  • Updated documentation on sound ("Principles of Operation / Sound" section of the manual).

No tesselation, simple normal mapping:
Tessellation off
Tessellation on
No tessellation, wireframe:
Tessellation off
Tessellation, wireframe:
Tessellation on
By the way, this art asset will be used in our upcoming real-time demo, which is to be released in October.

PS: Here are some numbers considering performance of CUDA and DirectCompute:Unigine Crew blog.

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