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DirectX 11 render, networking sample

What's new:

  • DirectX 11 render is almost ready (tessellation feature still needs to be implemented).
  • Shader Model 5.0 is supported now, i.e. the following six types of shaders are available: vertex, hull, domain, geometry, pixel, compute.
  • Switch to August 2009 DirectX SDK (don't forget to update your DirectX installation).
  • HDR, glow and SSAO are implemented via DirectCompute in DirectX 11.
  • Improved performance of DirectX 10 render.
  • Textures can be binded to any type of shaders now.
  • Renamed d3d10_render_use_*_level_1 console variables to d3d10_render_use_*_level_101.
  • Increased maximal shadow map dimension to 8192 in the editor.
  • Added cage feature to AmbientMapper (works similar to the NormalMapper one).
  • Fixed ambient occlusion bug with enabled impostors.
  • Improved SSAO that takes into account normal map data and provides better quality and reasonable performance (requires re-adjusting parameters).
  • GUI rendering speedup.
  • Updated HDR post-processes (refactoring, improved performance).
  • Added HDR shaft flare effect.
  • Detail textures can use 1st or 2nd UV channels for all meshes.
  • Plugins for Maya 10.0 (2009).
  • Fixed bug with physique modifier in 3dsMax skinned mesh export plugin.
  • ObjectGUI without background isn't blurred by the DoF filter.
  • Warm start of physical joints.
  • Improved freezing of physical objects with joints.
  • Added "softness" joint parameter to be used along with "restitution" for fine tuning (use with care, it can affect joint stability).
  • Reduced memory consumption by physical contacts data.
  • Collision detection speedup.
  • Fixed bug with referencing to deleted objects in UnigineScript.
  • Garbage collection for objects of extern C++ classes in UnigineScript, use class_manage(obj) function in scripts to register an object for automatic memory management, or use additional arguments of setExternClassObject() or Variable constructor; refer to the documentation for more details.
  • Added functional constructors (Unigine::ExternClass::addConstructor() with two arguments) and destructors (Unigine::MakeExternClassDestructor()) of external classes to be exported in UnigineScript via C++ API.
  • Faster interconnection between C++ API and scripts.
  • Added integration sample for RakNet high-level networking library (source/samples/Network), see "Programming / Application Samples / Network Sample" section of the manual.
  • Added network chat sample (data/demos/chat).
  • Updated C++ API documentation.
  • Completed documentation on UnigineScript library.

By the way, it seems that mesh skinning via compute shaders is faster than stream out under DirectX 11.

Improved SSAO in action:
Improved SSAO
Improved SSAO
Improved SSAO

HDR shaft flare post-effect:
HDR shaft flare

PS: Massive reinforcements of our team has arrived: Pavel Kurinnoy (tools developer), Evgeniy Yundin (QA engineer) and Alexey Maslennikov (sales manager).

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