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What's new:

  • Full transformations of point forces in particle systems, added 'rotator' and 'attractor' features.
  • Unicode names of joysticks.
  • Dedicated tree for objects with collision detection enabled.
  • All fonts and textures can be shared between GUIs.
  • Performance optimization for multiple ObjectGUIs.
  • Added Qt-based integration sample with multiple windows.
  • Deffered buffer is decreased in size for low shader profile.
  • Transfer of user-specified classes between C++ API and UnigineScript.
  • Billboards speedup.
  • More compact variables in UnigineScript.
  • Added new Expression class in UnigineScript, that can compile and execute arbitrary code in runtime.
  • Minor performance improvement of clouds.
  • Plugins for 3dsMax 12 (2010).
  • Correct replication of NodeReferences during assignment of properties and materials.
  • Added support of Cage mesh in NormalMapper, that allows to select a desired high-poly object.
  • Height textures are renamed into parallax ones, use '_h' postfix instead of '_p'.
  • Improved documentation on UnigineEditor and ResourceEditor.
  • Support of AMD hardware tessellator in ResourceEditor via AMD_vertex_shader_tessellator.

Hardware tessellation is a very attractive technology, artists can waste hours looking at real-time change of low-poly models tessellation. Unfortunatelly now it is available in OpenGL with AMD cards only. However, later this year Windows 7 is to be released, that introduces DirectX 11 with support of hardware tessellation.

Short video on YouTube demonstrating tessellation

PS: We also work very closely with AMD video driver team now, these guys provide really useful help with fast driver bugfixes for both Windows and Linux versions.

PPS: Our CEO (Denis Shergin) and CTO (Alexander Zaprjagaev) will attend GDC Europe, which will take place in Cologne, Germany this August. Please contact us via to make an appointment if you would like to meet.

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